FAQS & Tips

1. UTILITIES: Tenants pay for their usuage: A tenant signs up for Electricity and Gas. The bill comes to the condo:

>Tip for new tenants. Coordinate with your roommates. Sign up before you arrive so you do not risk not having service.

Provo City Utilities: 801-

Gas: Dominion Gas: 801-

2. PARKING PASS: With your contract on your phone ( search email for DocuSign), and a picture of your liscense plate.

Go to Aspen Ridge Management. 334 East Center Street Provo UT 84606.

They will have you fill out a form, check your contract. And give you a parking sticker. There is no fee.

If you neglect to get a parking pass, you might be booted, or even towed.

3. MOVE-IN. Before receiving the code to the door, the prepaid rents need to be paid.

- Rents are paid on-line. Your welcome letter will have the specific email address that is used just for your condo to pay rents.

>Tip> We use Google Pay. Set up a Google Pay account right away, follow the instructions.We have posted the instructions in “current tenants”

4. Google Pay

- pay.google.com

- put in your credit card> warning, if you use your credit card to pay, google pay will charge you 2.9%

- fill out your info

- key>>> Add payment method> put in your back account. There is no charge for bank transfers.

-* Check later in the day, and the next day with your bank account> come back to pay.google.com > verify how much money they put ingo youraccount.

-They will ask for copies of your DL sometime later to verify youridentity. I appreciate their security measures.

It takes a day to have them deposit money into your account that you then verify.

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