Tips on Maximizing Your Refund

Tip #1Cleaning thoroughly before your scheduled cleaning checkwill make everyone happier. (Each return cleaning inspection will cost you.)

Here are some common misses that you'll want to miss:

  • Soap scum!If you can scratch it off with your fingernail, then it will come off. Make sure to tackle all tough soap scum on the shower walls and around faucets with an effective cleaner. The best cleaner—andbasically the only cleaner that works on fiberglass showers— Magic Eraser.
  • Messy toilets.Check all surfaces, including the inside lip of the bowl, the handle, seat, side and floor areas.
  • Crumbs in ovens & microwaves.Remove the bottom drawer and clean beneath it, as well as the drawer. Make sure to run the self-oven cleaner and scrape or scrub out any debris or stains with SOS pads. Remove and clean rings and pans on the stovetop. Remove turntable and clean all surfaces of the microwave.
  • Lint stripes around the flooring. Use a damp rag to clean lint out between the flooring and baseboards; then vacuum up the debris.
  • Dust bunnies.Make sure to dust blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, molding around the floors and doors, shelves, drawers, windowsills.
  • Sticky floors. Make sure to rinse mopped surfaces so that we don't have to rinse and squeegeethrough your apartment.


Tip #2Using proper cleaners, supplies, & toolswill save you time and help ensure that your cleaning is thorough.

Some great tools include:

  • Quality cleaners designed for the specific task at hand make a huge difference; please see your detailed checkout forms for suggestions on which products to use. If you want to use more natural products, that's great, just as long as you up the elbow grease (see tip #3).
  • SOS pads work wonders on oven interiors and rings
  • Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch pads will help take off stubborn soap scum
  • Rags (not paper towels) help pull out the lint from around the edges of the room, between the baseboards and flooring, without adding more lint!
  • New vacuum bagsand replaced or cleaned filters (if needed) increase the vacuum's suction and ability to pick up debris
  • Have some papertowelson hand to help wipe up and dry off surfaces

Tip #3Applyingelbow greasewill help get the job done right the first time!

Keep in mind that some money is taken out of your deposit to cover small repairs and carpet cleaning; see your contract for details.

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